I’ve been taking lots of pictures, as I anticipate returning to the US in less than 2 weeks. I’m anxious to share but the internet and computers so slow that it’s impossible. When I get home, I’ll write some new posts — I’m writing down ideas ” and will add photos to what I’ve already written.
Yesterday we went to a market that is closer to the jungle, with unusual products and lots of native people. Many 12-year-olds (or so I guess) with babies. Much more interesting that the downtown market where I usually shop. Not that it’s boring!
This afternoon, we’re all going to Edward’s family home in Juanjui. Tomorrow is his mother’s birthday and Saturday night there’s some sort of ceremony for Fernanda. More to write about. Sunday we hope to go to the chakra — agricultural field — of Edward’s father. But maybe not as it’s on an island in the river and the water is very high and dangerous. I went there for a party the day after the wedding. It’s beautiful. Thatched houses for shade and cooking. Cacao, oranges, carambolas, pineapples, more crops all mixed together. Probably returning to Yurimaguas Tuesday or Wednesday, so probably no posts until then.

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